Tuition Discounts

Sibling $500 off each additional child
Referral* $1000 off net family tuition
Parent is a full-time pastor at local church 25% off net family tuition

*Referral discount will be applied once the referred family is registered and attending school for 90 days

Financial Aid is now available for families who quality – reach out to us for more information.

School Day Hours

Our school day begins at 8:00am and ends at 2:30pm. Parents may drop off their students in the lower parking lot as early as 7:45 am and pick up no later than 2:40PM.

Getting To and From School

Section 1374 of the Public School Code of 1949 governs transportation including the transportation of eligible children to approved private schools. If a student is enrolled in a day program at an approved private school, he/she should be given transportation during the Monday-to-Friday school week. Contact the transportation department of the school district in which you live to arrange for transportation to Riverstone United Christian Academy at 430 Hannum Ave. West Chester, PA 19380.


Here at Riverstone, we want to build confidence and promote a positive learning environment without distractions from learning or teaching.  We want our uniform to promote unity and allow the students to build pride in their school.

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Benefits of a Christian Education

Students will not only consistently hear but will have the opportunity to live out their christian beliefs on a daily basis.  Being surrounded by “A cloud of witnesses” who will encourage and challenge on a daily basis. Students hear of God’s love daily. 

  • We teach the Bible as one consistent story: we make mistakes, but God loves us so much that HE paid the price
  • Teach holistically, using the Bible as truth
    • We believe that the Bible is as relevant today as it ever has been
    • Love God, love your neighbor as yourself
  • We teach to the proper order and purpose of humanity
    • We find truth in Scripture – God gives us guidance on how to treat others and ourselves, and gives us a purpose for it all
    • Our aim is to equip students with everything they need to be able to stand strong and share their narrative for the beliefs they hold.

Core Beliefs & Educational Focus

At Riverstone United Christian Academy, we encourage and empower students to become confident learners. Fundamentally, one of the core differences between Riverstone United and other schools is the thought and intentionality behind our courses.

Through every step of the journey, our administration is keeping our core Christian values at the center of every decision. We believe that confident, well-rounded students are developed when a high-quality education is paired with a strong mission that celebrates God’s faithfulness.

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At Riverstone United, we seek to cultivate young men and women with the transforming truth of Jesus Christ and give them an academically rich foundation to empower them to excel in their God-given gifts and passions.