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Robert Martin

Robbie Martin


More About Mr. Martin

Mr. Martin has served 16 years as a public school educator teaching business education to middle school and high school students. He also coached Pequea Valley to their first State Championship in soccer. He has been a Principal in private Christian education for the last 12 years.

Mr. Martin is passionate about helping students grow both academically and spiritually. “The goal of teaching is to prepare kids to be ambassadors for Christ who excel at what they do while at the same time understand their purpose.

Robert Martin

Eileen Roche

Assistant Principal & Middle School Sciences

More about Mrs. Roche

Mrs. Roche has enjoyed teaching students in the middle grades for over thirty-five years. During this time, she earned her Masters degree from Penn State in Instructional Systems and obtained her principal’s certification in 2006.

While the timeless themes, concepts and skills taught in school have largely remained the same, the approach to teaching often flip-flops with whatever new strategy has risen to the top of academia. I believe that connecting students through collaborative exercises using proven instructional practices and engaging web resources helps to make the classroom experience meaningful. But is that enough? Even more importantly, I want students to feel supported on a personal level through small class sizes and the purposeful development of the school community. During my time at Riverstone, I can see that students enjoy this kind of environment and the freedom to grow in their Christian faith without the fear of being canceled. Engaging the mind, heart, and faith are essential elements for students.

Christian Neral

Christian Neral

Academic Dean, ELA and CTE Department

More about Mr. Neral

Mr. Neral loves to see how different perspectives on education benefit students. His teaching experience in Greater Philadelphia and Salt Lake City, as well as his time teaching in the heart of London, has led to a unique perspective on school structure and instructional priority. While in Utah, Mr. Neral earned a Master’s Degree in Teacher Instructional Leadership from the University of Utah, where he learned modern school leadership practices to help drive schools forward.

Mr. Neral enjoys helping students improve as readers, writers, speakers, and thinkers in his English classes. English students are consistently challenged to read and analyze interesting, age-appropriate texts. In Computer Science classes, Mr. Neral loves to dispel the myth that computers and creativity are opposite. After learning the fundamentals, thinking programmatically and designing digitally should be done with a creative lens. It’s a joy to see students create what is uniquely theirs!

Christian Neral

Kelly Boghdadi

Administrative Assistant

More about Mrs. Boghdadi

Mrs. Boghdadi graduated from St. Francis University with a Bachelor of Science degree and earned a Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska. After working 8 years in the medical field, the Lord called her out of that role to stay home and raise her 2 beautiful (now teenage) daughters and has been married to her husband, Ramy for the last 19 years. She was formerly employed as a Lead Teacher at a Christian Preschool for 4 years before collaborating with the founders to launch Riverstone!

Mrs. Boghdadi watched her children grow and thrive in Christian education for the past 10 years which fueled her passion for working in a school. She desires to be in an environment “where God can be glorified in all that we do and say. I pray that God will do His work through me.” When Mrs. Boghdadi isn’t on campus, she enjoys physical fitness, reading, long walks with her dog, coffee breaks with girlfriends, eating-out and movie nights with her family.

Robert Martin

Tony Carrell

Social Studies Department

More About Mr. Carrell

Mr. Carrell is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education/ Social Studies with an emphasis in American History and a Master of Arts degree in American History from East Stroudsburg. He taught American History for thirty years in public middle school in Delaware. “Faith is directly connected to the subjects I teach. Our American history, civics and geography are all connected to God’s plan. By studying our history and civic responsibilities, we get to learn that the United States is blessed as a country and students will understand that they have a role to play in our history and civics as they get older. Students who take geography will learn all about the awesome power of God in making our world and the many different processes that shape our world. Students will understand that they have a role to play in God’s creation.”

Mr. Carrell loves sharing his knowledge of social studies with the younger generation and this is what has led him to Riverstone. With great enthusiasm, he shares his love of history, civics and geography with the students and families of Riverstone.

Robert Martin

Jeanette Fox

High School Science

More about Mrs. Fox

Mrs. Fox is passionate about empowering student growth and learning by fostering motivation, creating connections, and building relationships. She desires to live a life that glorifies God and encourages students to grow in relationship with Him. Mrs. Fox is often inspired by biblical passages found in Deuteronomy 30:19-20; Romans 4:17, and Ephesians as she has been educating and mentoring adults and youth in various capacities for over thirty years. Observing the increasing challenges facing students today, Mrs. Fox felt a call back into K-12 education. As someone who enjoys artistic hobbies, such as drawing, painting, photography, writing, and music, along with her passion for creativity and innovation, Mrs. Fox loves to teach science concepts to students through an artistic lens and to foster creative problem-solving thinking skills in students with an empowering classroom environment.

Mrs. Fox holds a B.S. in Elementary Education with a focus on social and cultural studies (Messiah College, 1997), a B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics (WCUPA, 2011), and a Master of Public Health (WCUPA, 2013). She is ABD for a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Liberty University. Her dissertation work focuses on empowering leaders in organizations, trust, vulnerability, creativity, and innovation. In addition to working in school settings, she has formerly worked in business and taught food science at WCUPA. She has worked in health as a licensed registered dietitian-nutritionist for over 10 years where she applies biology and chemistry in patient care, food prep, and diet counseling. She has been married for over 25 years and has three sons.

Christian Neral

Susan Nagy

Culinary Arts & Family Consumer Science Department

More about Mrs. Nagy

Mrs. Nagy is a graduate of Penn State University. She has a degree in Individual and Family Studies with major emphases in Child Development and Home Economics Education. She taught Family and Consumer Science in public middle school and high school for 12 years. With a desire to have God in the center of learning, Mrs. Nagy left public school to homeschool her own children through high school. Mrs. Nagy values the opportunity to bring her expertise to the students. In her classes, students have the opportunity to learn and practice the skills needed for everyday life in the home and within the family unit. Class experiences provide them with opportunities individually and through group activities to develop and grow in important and practical skills such as time management, decision making, project planning and organization, collaboration and effective communication with fellow students, along with self-evaluation of personal work habits.
Mrs. Nagy sees the opportunity to teach at Riverstone United as a blessing from the Lord and looks forward to working together with these terrific young people!

Robert Martin

Jenna Jugielewicz

Music Department

More About Ms. Jurgielewicz

Miss Jurgielewicz seeks to provide all students of RUCA with a well-rounded musical education. Acknowledging that her students come from diverse musical backgrounds, Miss Jurgielewicz strives to expose students to new genres of music, encourage creativity through composition, and empower students to discover their God-given talents and abilities.

Miss J (or, as her students prefer to call her, “Mrs. Music”) studied Music Education at West Chester University, focusing her studies in piano pedagogy and classroom music. In addition to teaching at RUCA, she has a private studio where she has the great privilege of teaching private piano and vocal lessons to 30+ students each week. For fun, she enjoys cooking/baking, spending time with her three dogs and her family and friends.

Robert Martin

Dan Wallin

Math Department

More about Mr. Wallin

Mr. Wallin has worked with young people for 40 years as a youth pastor and as a teacher in both Christian and the public school system. He has a B.A. in Religious Education from Clarks Summit University and an M.A. in Mathematics Education from Widener University. Mr. Wallin has also coached more than 100 teams in baseball, basketball and soccer as well as math and academic competition teams. His math students won more than three dozen individual and team county and state championships. He enjoys making math class both interesting and fun and he strives to teach students to think logically. He has 5 sons and 12 grandkids. In his free time, Mr. Wallin enjoys taking care of his dad, wrestling with his grandsons and playing pickleball.

Christian Neral

Kelly Clemmer

Art Department

More about Mrs. Clemmer

Mrs. Clemmer has a passion for educating students in a variety of subjects and is grateful to continue serving the Riverstone community as art teacher! She studied Psychology and Education at Immaculata University, where she was deeply involved in the art department and went on to teach a basic drawing class there.
Over the past nine years, Mrs. Clemmer has taught Art to preschoolers through college students, as well as different levels of Mathematics, Bible, Science, and swing dancing!
She loves serving at church, gardening, cooking, painting, and exploring the world with her husband and their three beautiful children.
Mrs. Clemmer believes that education happens at every age, at every moment, and leads to a rich life, glorifying God and enjoying His kingdom!

Christian Neral

Emanuele Madanat

Pastor, Spiritual Advisor

More about Emanuele

Emanuele Madanat is currently the Executive Pastor of Providence Church in West Chester, PA where he has served for over 12 years. He also has served as a Director of Retail Delivery for a large financial institution in the region and in various capacities of management and Human Resources. Emanuele holds a bachelor’s degree and masters degree in business from Eastern University and also a masters degree of ministry from Lancaster Bible College. Emanuele is blessed to be married to his wonderful bride of 21 years, Wendy, and has four amazing children. Emanuele is passionate about seeing students have a life transforming relationship with Christ, which leads to community transformation.

At Riverstone United, we seek to cultivate young men and women with the transforming truth of Jesus Christ and give them an academically rich foundation to empower them to excel in their God-given gifts and passions.