Do you ever stop and wonder what your priorities are?  Is it your job, your bank account, your reputation, your family, your spouse, your toys or something else?  Having priorities is important and they can be very motivating.  As a believer, do you ever think about your spiritual priorities?  I know that sometimes I feel that Satan does a fantastic job of making my world so fast-paced and competitive that I do not stop and ponder my spiritual health, let alone my spiritual goals.  When I do stop to take a breath, I ask myself this scary question…”Do I represent Christ to the world around me?  Is He number one in my life?  Would my spouse, children, extended family, friends, co-workers and people whom I interact with answer yes to this question?”  A friend once asked me, “If Jesus was talking to you about your life, would He find enough evidence to convict you of being His follower?”  I encourage you to take time to pray about your spiritual goals.  Who we are is much more important than what we are.

Robbie Martin, Principal

Robbie Martin, Principal



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