Are you ready to be intentional?

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Christian Education, Leaders in Education, Principal's Desk, School Culture

I recently heard a sermon by Dr. Tony Evans who wanted us as Christians to realize we are no longer the “Home” team here in America.  Many of our country’s institutions are no longer governed by Godly principles. 

Our politics, our education system and our media are all being influenced by organizations who want the judeo-christian lens removed from society. Dr. Evans’ sermon was timely as a recent poll noted America had dropped to its lowest levels ever of individuals claiming to be believers. 

The scariest statistic is that the demographic that is moving away from Christianity the most is our younger generation.  We may have reached a watershed moment.  We can wave the white flag and accept defeat.  Satan will convince you that the fight is too difficult.  Or, we can acknowledge we serve an amazing God and we can roll up our sleeves and start to be intentional about instilling our beliefs in our kids.

Are you ready and willing to be intentional? What the future looks like depends on it.

Robbie Martin, Principal

Robbie Martin, Principal



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