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How Does a Christian Education Prepare Your Child for the Future?

A Christian education can be one of the most crucial aspects of a child’s development, and further, their lives. Every parent knows that finding the right school, educator, or curriculum is key in the long-run of their child’s success.

Because of this, Christian education often becomes a question for a lot of parents with faith. Because private Christian education is often more financially pressing, parents are left asking questions such as:

Will Christian education truly prepare my child for the future?
Is the investment of this form of education worth it?
Can I be sure that my standards of education are held in the classroom?

If you find that you’re asking these questions, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn more about how Christian education strives to prepare children to experience the fullness of life.

Christian Education Encourages Strong Faith

At Riverstone United Christian Academy, one of our core pillars is to encourage faith in our students. Whether through Bible/Chapel classes, prayer, or other channels, this is kept at the forefront of our curriculum.

Ultimately, the goal of education is to empower students to become the best version of themselves. Rather than simply preparing students for academic success, Christian education takes aim at long-term success and fulfillment.

Whether students decide to continue to University, venture into the workforce, or create their own path, a strong faith foundation is key. At Riverstone United, we are well aware of this. Christian education is one of the best ways to ensure this well-rounded approach.

How else can this benefit our children?

Friendships That Last a Lifetime

Christian education is much more than academics – keeping faith at the center, students have the opportunity to form life-long friendships along the way.

So, how is this different from other schools? At Riverstone United, small class sizes are always a focus. This means that students have an opportunity for interaction and collaboration unlike any other school.

This can, in turn, create friendships and bonds that last long after their schooling. And, as they continue in their faith, they know that they’ll have someone to turn to who has followed a similar path in their classmates.

With a strong curriculum, a faith-focus, and great friends, what else can Christian education provide?

Opportunities for Leadership and Service

Christian education is rooted in giving opportunities for growth. At Riverstone United Christian Academy, that takes the form of various extracurricular activities and in-school activities.

Fundamentally, the role of extracurriculars is to give students the opportunity to discover their God-given gifts, passions, and talents. By offering sports, arts, and more, students can take every chance to experience their inherent gifts.

At Riverstone United, these gifts can then be directed right back to the community. By incorporating in-and-out-of-the-classroom activities, students can feel fulfilled in exploring who they are meant to be.

These are just a few of the benefits of a Christian education for students of all ages. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of lifelong learning and education for your child, reach out to our team today.

Our staff of experienced administration and educators would love to discuss how you can get started on your journey today!


Riverstone Team

Riverstone Team


In ancient times, God called His people to demonstrate their faith in crossing the Jordan by taking twelve river stones as a testimony of His faithfulness. Our vision for Riverstone United Christian Academy is that families see and celebrate God’s faithfulness as your children grow their faith, engage their passions and discover their purpose.


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