Good Teaching Engages the Mind.

Who was your favorite teacher during your middle or high school years? Can you recall the qualities that made that teacher stand out amongst the others?

Chances are your favorite teacher was following the seven laws of teaching. Yes, that’s right; just like a farmer must obey nature’s laws to reap a harvest, good teachers must follow the laws of teaching to engage the mind.

By now you may be wondering, “What are the laws of teaching?”

According to John Milton Gregory, there are seven elements of successful teaching. First, a teacher must know thoroughly and familiarly the lesson to be taught. Next, it is essential to gain the attention of students, and keep them interested in the lesson.

In addition, teachers must communicate with clear and vivid words that are understood in the same way by the students and teacher. Fourth, good teachers know that they must begin with what the students already know and proceed to new material in single, easy and natural steps. The artful teacher lets the known explain the unknown.

Stimulating a student’s own mind to action is the sixth law of teaching. The thoughtful teacher knows how to capture students’ enthusiasm with a mindset of discovery and anticipation through engaging lessons. Furthermore, the artful teacher will require students to reproduce in thought the point of a lesson in his or her own language.

Finally, the teachers we love ask their students to not only reproduce the old, but deepen the meaning with new thought and applications, correcting false views along the way, and uncovering what is true.

At Riverstone United Christian Academy students will engage with teachers who recognize the importance of these seven laws of teaching. We are committed to developing our teachers’ skill in the classroom so that your child will thrive in an environment that leads to academic excellence.

If you have any questions about Riverstone United Christian Academy, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team!

Eileen Roche, Academic Dean

Eileen Roche, Academic Dean


Mrs. Roche served for 35 years in the public school system. After earning a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design from Penn State, Mrs. Roche went on to obtain her Principal’s Certificate.


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